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Right Darien Roofer for a Steeply Pitched Roof

What is a Steeply Pitched Roof?

Steep roofs present unique issues in terms of project safety concerns. Ensure hiring the best choice to finish the job efficiently and safely.  The slope of a roof is pitch sometimes called “the rise over the run”. In layman’s terms is “V” sharp of the roof. To pull water and snow off the roof naturally, steep slope roofing is designed to used gravity. In a residential setting, steep roofs are most common, while commercial roofs are flat. Particularly on high snow areas, steep roofs are mostly used to where it can be dangerously let the weight of snow accumulate on the roof.

Roofing Steep Building Challenges

Some roofs are steeper than others depending on the age of a building and the region of a country. Skills and experience are required in working on steeper roofs. Here are qualities of a good roofer that you should consider:

Proper equipment

      • There is certain specialized equipment in steep roofs such as staging and roof jackets. Because some best roofing companies have experience with different roof types, they already have their own equipment.

Material estimation

      • Strong math and engineering skills are required in determining materials needed for a roofing project. They have the ability to calculate pitch and angles that impacts the accuracy of materials estimates and service quotes.

The architectural impact of a roof on a building

    • The more experienced the company you hire, the better your roof will appear. Integrating architectural touches like designer shingles all impact the final results.
Darien Roofing

List of Questions to ask on Your Darien Roofer

  • Do you have experience in working on steep roofs?
  • Have you completed a job with your own equipment?
  • Can I see the equipment set up and schedule?
  • Do you have professional insurance in your business?
  • With your completed steep roofing jobs, may I know the references of your previous customers?
  • How to keep your roof clean?
  • In the installation of the roofing system, are you certified by the roof material manufacturer?
  • What types of warranty do you offer?
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Darien Roofing

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Darien Roofing FAQs

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-Yes. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your Roofing application will look amazing and worth it! Our team at Downers Grove Roofing are certified Roofing specialists and have many years of experience.

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